“Lost You Forever” Becomes the Fastest Drama to Hit 31,000 Heat Index on Tencent 2 Days After Premiere [UPDATE]

"Lost You Forever" Becomes Fastest Drama to Hit 30,000 Heat Index on Tencent

Lost You Forever 长相思 is highly-anticipated for many reasons. It’s based on a popular novel by popular author Tong Hua. It also Tencent’s next big drama after Xiao Zhan’s The Longest Promise which has Yang Zi finally joining the intense competition for ratings this summer, and it’s already making a splash.

The show dropped its first poster to celebrate hitting 20,000 on Tencent’s heat index just 10 minutes after its premiere at 6pm last night, July 24. It has continued to drop posters for its new milestones with 27,000 4 hours later and so on. It can be remembered that The Youth Memories became the first drama this year to hit 30,000 on Tencent. And it looks like Lost You Forever has just joined the club. Just over a day after premiere, the show crossed 30,000, making it the quickest rise in heat index on the streaming platform.

Let the Shipping Begin

The show seems to have also gained a big thumbs up from book fans, and it may have helped that Tong Hua is one of the screenwriters. With so many love interests in the story, the shipping has begun. I thought my loyalties would lie with Tan Jianci’s Xiang Liu, but so far Deng Wei’s character may be leading in some polls. Lost You Forever follows the next generation of characters from the prequel, 2017’s A Life Time Love that didn’t exactly win over fans. Nonetheless, many were amused at the realization that Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song’s daughter would be the heroine played by Yang Zi while Janice Wu and Luo Yunxi’s son would be male lead Zhang Wanyi.

It’s Just Crossed 31,000!

[UPDATE July 26]: Lost You Forever has just dropped another poster to announce that the show has hit 31,000 on Tencent heat index, and it’s only been 2 days since it premiered. The show may have run out of posters since the latest one no longer has a cast photo.

Lost You Forever 31,000

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