Former Hong Kong Actress Shirley Yim, 59, Pops Up on Social Media

Former actress Shirley Yim, also known as Suet Lei, is best known for her performances in classic wuxia dramas. The 59-year-old portrayed the wuxia villain Lei Mok-sau in “The Condor Heroes ’95” and the seductively beautiful Mrs. Ma in “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” in 1997.

While she may have faded from the spotlight, Shirley Yim made a surprise appearance on veteran actor Bruce Leung Siu-Lung’s Douyin account. Bruce, a Hong Kong martial artist and actor, reminisced about them going way back as he’s known her since “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” in 1976. It’s worth noting that back then, Shirley’s older sister, Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim who goes by the stage name Mai Suet, starred as the female lead in the series.

Michelle Yim's (Mai Suet) sister Shirley (Suet Lei)
Sisters Michelle Yim and Shirley Yim in a photo from 2020

Bruce, now 76, reflected on the passage of time. Shirley Yim sported a pixie cut and dressed casually in a huge tee and jeans. However, some viewers remarked at her looks saying, “time truly waits for no one” and that she looks “unrecognizable.” Despite these reflections, others appreciated her down-to-earth appearance. One comment read: “She may not be young anymore, but I feel her outfit is very relatable, just like a neighborly aunt.”

Some netizens have only recently realized that Shirley Yim is the sister of Michelle Yim, who continues to grace our screens in various projects. While we may not see much of Shirley Yim anymore, her brief appearance on Douyin was a nostalgic moment.

Screencap from Leung Siu-Lung’s Douyin

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