Yang Zi Says She Was Very Attached to Her Character in “Lost You Forever Season 1”, Out July 24th

Lost You Forever stars Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Wang Hongyi and Tan Jianci.

Yang Zi’s upcoming fantasy series Lost You Forever Season 1 长相思第一季 was rumoured to be getting a summer 2023 release. Well what do you know, the highly anticipated series was announced just a while ago. The new promos now indicate that Season 1 will premiere on July 24th though the next question might be when Season 2 will air for a seamless transition.

Lost You Forever, which is adapted from renowned author Tong Hua’s novel of the same name, has Yang Zi playing the Gao Xing princess Jiuyao. And it appears her experience of playing Jiuyao in the production may have made a much deeper impression on her than some of the characters she previously played.

During a recent event appearance, the actress mentioned how much the drama meant to her. “During the six months of filming, I felt very attached (to my character). So much so that after filming wrapped, it took me a while to shake it off. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. The first time was after Battle of Changsha 战长沙 when I was still immersed in my character’s mindset for week. Then it was Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉燼如霜. Then the last one was Lost You Forever”.

Yang Zi’s portrayal of Jinmi in 2018’s runway hit Ashes of Love was what really skyrocketed her popularity. For her to compare her experience portraying Xiao Yao in Lost You Forever to it, well, that’s definitely an interesting endorsement, at least for me. Will she have another hit on her hands once again? Guess we all need to check out the drama for ourselves when it comes out on Monday, July 24.

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