Tsui Hark’s “Legend of the Condor Heroes” Film to Star Xiao Zhan Opposite Zhuang Dafei

Tsui Hark's "Legend of the Condor Heroes" Film to Star Xiao Zhan Opposite Zhuang Dafei
Photo(s): Legend of the Condor Heroes and Xiao Zhan Studio / Weibo

Tsui Hark will be directing the upcoming film adaptation of The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Hero 射雕英雄传侠之大者. It’s been years since the renowned Hong Kong filmmaker whose past works include classics like the Swordsman films with Jet Li and Brigitte Lin has worked on an wuxia film, so his return to the genre in another Jin Yong novel adaptation no less, is definitely one to watch for.

Legend of the Condor Heroes also released a conceptual poster to announce Xiao Zhan and Sabrina Zhuang Dafei as the leads. Xiao Zhan has long been rumored to star in the high-profile film, so many of his fans were happy that he will be donning the ancient garb for the iconic role. After all, his shot to fame was also in costume as Wei Wuxian in The Untamed.

Sabrina Zhuang Dafei
Photo(s): Sabrina Zhuang Dafei / Weibo

Meanwhile, Sabrina Zhuang Dafei’s casting has drawn a lot of discussion. Word of Honor star Zhou Ye was initially rumored as the female lead and many were unfamiliar with Zhuang Dafei. Nonetheless, the 22-year-old actress who is an artist under Jaywalk Studio has already headlined a number of web dramas, so this could prove to be her big break.

Legend of the Condor Heroes is the beginning to the three-part Condor Heroes trilogy. The film will be produced by China Film Co., Ltd., Lian Ray Pictures, Film Workshop Co. Ltd. and HG Entertainment. Anticipation is high though many also wonder how much of the story will change given Tsui Hark’s past adaptations.

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