Joanne Tseng Over the Moon that She Got to Meet Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia

Joanne Tseng Over the Moon that She Got to Meet Brigitte Lin

Taiwanese actress Joanne Tseng who turned 34 on November 17 has carved out quite a career since debuting as part of Mandopop duo Sweety with Esther Liu in 2002, but it looks like even she has moments when she is completely starstruck.

In her social media post, Joanne Tseng gushed about having met the legendary Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia (林青霞) at a recent brand event. As a celebrity, Joanne has often experienced taking photos with people who would shyly say, “I’m sorry… I keep shaking, too nervous”. Little did she know, she would also be such a fangirl in the presence of Brigitte Lin since she was definitely shaking and trembling too.

Describing the 68-year-old former actress as the “cult leader with unrivalled beauty and wisdom” in reference to her iconic role as Dongfang Bubai and calling her the embodiment of class and elegance, Joanne had only good things to say. She shared that Brigitte even held her hand while they were going on stage together and that she was very caring and encouraging towards her juniors as they chatted. That day also happened to be Joanne’s birthday, so she was really happy that her colleagues, friends and superstar seniors all wished her a happy birthday.

Incidentally, there was yet another Brigitte Lin sighting not too long ago. Anthony Wong was at Hong Kong airport when Brigitte Lin who had a mask on at the time suddenly walked up to him and gently said, “I’m Lin Ching-hsia, I just wanted to tell you that you act very well. Won’t disturb any longer.” The 61-year-old actor who’s also a veteran in the industry couldn’t believe his eyes and ears that he had to share this special encounter on social media.

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