Xu Kai’s Breakfast Ritual After Filming All Night

Xu Kai's Rise to Stardom and Breakfast Ritual

“Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?” Today at 6:25 am, Xu Kai shared snaps of himself in a tank top, enjoying a hearty meal. Some observed that it’s a very Cantonese breakfast, featuring crispy “youtiao” and steaming hot congee. Interestingly, Xu Kai was born in Guangdong Province and can speak Cantonese, albeit not very fluent, he says. But don’t let breakfast mislead you—it’s not the start of the day for him, but the end to a long night of filming. He still looks as handsome as ever with his muscular build, and long unkempt hair. The 29-year-old actor’s been pulling night shoots lately for the fantasy romance series “Moonlit Reunion,” which should be nearing the end of filming.

Xu Kai recently gained a plethora of fans for his portrayal of Yang Zi’s male lead in “Best Choice Ever,” another Tencent hit. I mean, here I am, writing about his breakfast so, that drama definitely has its charms. It’s what started me on a marathon of Xu Kai’s long list of dramas.

I’ve already devoured “Wonderland of Love,” a historical romance that’s unfortunately underrated, possibly due to its less polished appearance compared to big-budget productions. Yet, it has a captivating story based on an original screenplay by renowned writer Fei Wo Si Cun. I also indulged in the esports drama “Falling into Your Smile,” simply for its light and enjoyable nature. I might even rewatch “The Legends” and “Arsenal Military Academy,” which I believe are among his best. Of course, let’s not forget where it all started. In 2018, at the age of 23, Xu Kai who began his career as a model gained recognition as an actor for his role as “Fu Cha Fu Heng” in “Story of Yanxi Palace.” To be honest, I still love him best in historical dramas and eagerly anticipate his next project.

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