“Best Choice Ever” Hits 30,000 on Tencent with Its Realistic Family Drama

"Best Choice Ever" Hits 30,000 on Tencent with Its Realistic Family Drama

Best Choice Ever 承欢记 just broke past 30,000 on Tencent heat index eight days after premiere. It’s considered the fastest urban drama to reach the milestone this 2024. It’s also the second drama after The Legend of Shen Li to his the milestone this year. This is Yang Zi’s third Tencent drama in the past three years to make the 30K club. The Oath of Love reached 31,678 in 2022 and Lost You Forever reached 33,144 in 2023.

The show Best Choice Ever had set itself up to be a family drama / workplace romance. Thus far, it’s on point in its realistic portrayal of the pressures women face in a traditional Chinese family from the mother-daughter dynamic between Yang Zi and actress He Saifei to the mounting pressures of marriage. The tearful breakup between Yang Zi and Niu Junfeng’s characters likely left audiences applauding. The couple, initially on the brink of marriage, faced the harsh reality of navigating family expectations, what with his condescending family and him being a spineless boyfriend.

With the breakup, things finally heat up between Yang Zi’s heroine and the male lead, played by Xu Kai. He may have initially seen her as a colleague he could “use” to his advantage, but found himself still having her best interests at heart. Now that we get to witness them spending a lot of time together, especially with their shared connection to grandma, the romance is bound to be sweet.

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