“The Oath of Love” and “The Blue Whisper” Announce Premiere Dates for This March!

"The Oath of Love" and "The Blue Whisper" Announce Premiere Dates for This March!

Today, The Blue Whisper 君初相识 which just wrapped filming last June 2021 has announced its premiere for March 17 on Youku! A minute later, The Oath of Love 余生, 请多指教 also announced its premiere for March 15 on Hunan TV and Tencent! Can I say that finally, the wait is over! This is especially true for The Oath of Love which was shot in 2019, secured a premiere last year only to see it delayed until now.

The Oath of Love is a modern romance that stars Yang Zi as a graduating senior whose life falls apart when her father is hospitalised due to cancer. At this time, the doctor played by Xiao Zhan enters her life. Meanwhile, The Blue Whisper follows a fantasy romance between Dilraba Dilmurat’s demon master who has the ability to tame demons and Allen Ren Jialun’s merman.

With actresses in different generations from post-85s to post-00’s, there’s no denying that Yang Zi and Dilireba who are both born in 1992 are representative of the post-90s actresses. With the two ladies headlining along with their respective leading men in Xiao Zhan and Ren Jialun, we’ve got two very buzzworthy dramas hitting the small screens around the same time. One is set in the modern day while other is in ancient times, one is set for a TV release while the other will air exclusively online. Which one will you be watching?

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