Yang Mi Greets Gal Pals Liu Shishi and Angelababy on Their Birthdays

Post 85 actresses Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and Angelababy
Photo: Yang Mi, Liu Shihi and Angelababy’s studios / weibo

Yang Mi (born 1986), Angelababy (1989) and Cecilia Liu Shishi (1987) are among the actresses representing the post-85 generation. It’s cute to see them casually interacting so it’s no surprise that a simple social media post would trend online.

March 10 this year marks Liu Shishi’s 35th year around the sun, and on hand to help her celebrate? Her good friend Yang Mi who hopped on over to social media to greet her friend. “Wishing you a happy birthday, stay forever blessed, happy and pretty!” she wrote. The superstar also shared two photos of the both of them with their arms around each other giving the peace sign. In the second photo, the pair appeared to have their arms linked. It’s a rare interaction as the last time the two greeted each other’s for their birthdays on social media was a decade ago.

Yang Mi Liu Shishi at Putuo Mountain
Netizens who spotted the two ladies when this photo was taken said this was in November last year when they went on a pilgrimage to Putuo Mountain.
Yang Mi and Liu Shishi

Over the years, there had been speculation that Yang Mi and Liu Shishi have had a falling out after being such close friends since Chinese Paladin 3. When both ladies tied the knot, the other was absent from the ceremony although each made sure to congratulate the other on social media. When Yang Mi married Hawick Lau in 2014, Yang Mi’s bridal entourage solely consisted of their CP3 co-star Tiffany Tan Yan as the lone bridesmaid. If rumours of the falling out are true, glad to see these two have reconnected once again.

Angelababy Got a Birthday Shout-out Too

Meanwhile, Angelababy also received a lot of birthday love when she turned 33 more than a week ago on February 28. “Teacher Yang Happy birthday! Today you are the most beautiful. Love you!” greeted Yang Mi. You’ll see in the comments section that Angelababy also replied back with a sweet “Thank you, Teacher Yang, I love you too!” Aside from Yang Mi who tagged her on social media with a special birthday shout-out, the newly single Baby also received numerous birthday greetings from her fans.

Yang Mi greets Angelababy

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