“Lost You Forever S1” Celebration Trends for Being “Awkward”, Drawing Comparison to the “Mysterious Lotus Casebook” Concert

“Lost You Forever” Fans Demand Money Back After Celebration Concert Turns Into an Oddball Fan Meet Instead

In what should have been a night filled with excitement and nostalgia, it seems Lost You Forever’s big celebration of its successful first season unexpectedly left some fans feeling disappointed. To those who looked forward to a night of singing and performances from the drama’s stars, what they got was an evening filled with games and activities.

Lost You Forever
Yang Zi looking super pretty as she plays a game with her adorable “sister” Dai Luwa

For such a meticulously prepared and well executed drama, many are now wondering what in the world were the Lost You Forever showrunners thinking when they planned this event. In recent years, a number of successful shows have put together a celebratory concert where fans can pay to see their idols in person or pay to stream the event online. There was The Untamed concert in 2019 and Love and Redemption in 2020.

Whereas fans were expecting something along the lines of a concert for Lost You Forever, it ended up feeling like a haphazardly cobbled fan meeting instead. That night, #LostYouForeverCelebrationAwkward and #Refund were just some of the hashtags that trended. While the show teased that they’ll recreate some scenes, fans criticized how it came in the form of asking the female leads to reenact a fight scene. Yang Zi, in particular, was in a long gown while Dai Luwa wore a skirt.

“Not” A Concert

To be fair, production never announced they were holding a concert since they simply called the event the finale celebration. However, because holding a concert seems to be the norm for successful dramas wishing to thank fans, it’s easy to see why fans expected it. Back in September, Zhang Wanyi who plays Cang Xuan was stunned when fans asked him whether Lost You Forever was holding a concert. “Why will there be a concert?” he asked. Netizens are now saying no wonder he didn’t know about it because he was asked to do a “poetry reading” session instead. It’s a shame really since Zhang Wanyi is known to be good in bel canto so that’s a missed opportunity from the showrunner’s end.

In fact, the entire event appears to be a missed opportunity of sorts. Deng Wei is also a dancer, so showrunners certainly could’ve showcased their skills. I’m sure fans would’ve loved it too. But it seems only Tan Jianci was able to show off his singing and dance moves despite his late appearance because of traffic.

mysterious lotus casebook concert
The cast of Mysterious Lotus Casebook gathered for their concert in September.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Concert Shines

All the negative attention towards Lost You Forever’s celebration has unwittingly put the spotlight back on Mysterious Lotus Casebook who similarly held a fan event slash concert not long ago. In sharp contrast, the celebration concert held by Lotus Casebook appeared to be better thought out and produced. Not only did the stars perform multiple duets which audiences can sing along with, costumes and select favourite scenes were also reproduced for the audience’s viewing pleasure. “It’s worth the money” fans said.

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