“Daipai” Paparazzo Chased Away by Veteran Actress He Saifei With a Club

He Saifei
He Saifei
Is she holding a wand or a club? Veteran actress He Saifei, known for the 2001 drama Da Zhai Men, chases away daipai attempting to sneak photos

It looks like the boot is on the other foot, with the usual “hunter” now being the hunted. For years, daipais (代拍) have made a nuisance of themselves chasing their celebrity prey with their questionable methods. From harassing actors to destroying sets, some of them have even taken unnecessary risks just to get their photos. It was only a matter of time really when fed-up stars finally fight back. Recently, Chinese actress and opera star He Saifei was seen stalking towards a daipai with what looks to be a wand or a club of sorts on her hand. The 60-year-old actress angrily demanded “give me your phone. Who asked you to take pictures?” Her angry outburst (plus the object on her hand) appears to have chased the daipai away.

Daipai Antics

Celebrity encounters with daipai have long been an issue that has not gone away. Many celebs such as Wu Jing, Hu Ge, Xiao Zhan and Hu Xianxu have all spoken out against their bad behaviour, especially in public spots such as hotels and airports which seem to be their favourite spots to photograph celebs. Remember how daipais broke into the set of the drama Immortality and damaged props and scenery? Or how they even rented excavators whilst attempting to sneak photographs of the closed Immortality set? A couple of years ago, a flight Xiao Zhan was taking was delayed by sisheng fans and daipai who ignored airport personnel and rushed into the plane, barring other passengers from boarding.

If only He Saifei truly held a magic wand that’ll make issues like this go away. Nonetheless, Netizens lauded the veteran actress’ efforts, saying all daipais should be very afraid and have been forewarned.

Source: He Saifei / Weibo

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