Yu Zheng Cautions Against Daipai and Livestreamers Camping Out Daily at Filming Locations and Hotels

yu zheng daipai
What is daipai (代拍)? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, they’re essentially similar to paparazzi who follow and take photos of celebrities for commercial gain. But aside from just selling the photos to publications or entertainment outlets, their services can also be engaged by fans which is why the internet slang literally means to be a substitute (dai) in taking photos of others (pai). 
Thing is though they’ve been causing quite a stir with their questionable methods – harassing actors, endangering their own lives (and other’s) with the unnecessary risks they’ve been taking to get that “money shot” and generally making a big nuisance of themselves in order to make a quick buck. Don’t get me wrong, with the economy as it is right now, times are hard. But still, it’s not exactly a safe and considerate way to go about things?

Screenwriter and producer Yu Zheng recently shared photos of the situation he encountered, and boy the place was indeed jam packed like sardines! On his post, he wrote “Daipai and live streamers have crowded the passage ways of various hotels, and an unprecedented sense of fear has enveloped all the actors who are filming … What’s going to happen? Who will help them out of the situation?
This is the current scene greeting us and the apprehension some of the actors are feeling. The police have already been notified, but we are still hoping that people will abide by the rules and not harm others and themselves!”
daipai crowding
He also wrote, To the livestreamers hanging out downstairs from the crew’s dressing room every day. I respect your profession and have never said anything in the past. I hope you respect me. Don’t shove your cameras at the artist’s faces to take your photos, don’t squat down to take them either (eek).  Most importantly, please wear your mask properly!
Remember the lengths daipai (and sisheng fans) went to try and catch behind the scenes shots of Leo Luo Yunxi and Arthur Chen’s much anticipated new drama Immortality? According to a statement released by the production, daipai barged into the filming location damaging some props and scenery. And who can forget the daipai attempting to take photos of the covered set on an excavator.. or the people hiding in the bushes?! Daipai are also known to cause crowding in airports.
It’s quite understandable that these photographers are trying to earn a living by taking photos of the stars but surely there has to be a safer and more respectful way to do so? I suppose as long as there are people who are willing to pay for it, the end of this situation won’t be coming anytime soon. Hopefully though, proper guidelines and policies can finally be set by the regulatory body before anyone gets hurt.
daipai excavator
Daipais attempting to take photos from excavators on Immortality’s set.
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