Xiao Zhan’s Studio Apologises for Flight Delay Caused by Fans

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Lest everyone thinks he’s turned into a diva, actor Xiao Zhan’s studio apologised for the flight delay last night caused by some of his overzealous fans on a Wuxi bound flight from Beijing where he is currently shooting a project. Truthfully, the actor had no reason to apologise since the delay wasn’t his fault. But you know how tongues are always wagging extra hard when celebrities are involved and all the more so for their haters. So to nip any more speculations about him in the bud, the actor’s studio took the initiative to offer an apology and clarify the events of last night in a statement early today.

According to the studio, Xiao Zhan and his companions were blocked from boarding the plane whilst on the VIP sky bridge by individuals thus causing the delay in take off. The actor immediately wanted to personally apologise to the passengers of the delayed 11:25 pm flight.  But after considering that a personal appearance might result in another brouhaha to erupt and causing further delays to the plane’s take off, he instead requested a staff member to convey his apologies to the passengers in his behalf. 
xiao zhan
After the statement was released, some netizens who were also on the 11 pm flight later commented that the delay was due to dai pai (代拍), people hired by fans to take photos of Xiao Zhan who ignored airport personnel’s instructions. Other netizens have also reported individuals rushing into the plane without regard to order, making it impossible for other passengers to board. Airport personnel were then concerned there would be problems so the boarding was halted.
Poor Xiao Zhan. Fame comes with a price and this is not actually the first time the actor has been on the receiving end of sisheng fan’s antics! Remember when he had to make a run for it to the elevators in his hotel while shooting for The Oath of Love or the time he got stuck in the revolving doors because fans crowded the entrance? I know I’ll be over the moon when I see my favourite celebs but this is altogether a different level. Some people need to be given the chill pill before they hurt themselves or others with their antics.  
Xiao Zhan too is having none of it, telling fans that any form of meet and greet at the airport is not being advocated by him or his team. He further appeals to fans to refrain from inconveniencing other travellers because of their behaviour.
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