“Moonlit Reunion” Stars Xu Kai and Tian Xiwei in a Historical About a Cat Demon and Her Husband

Moonlit Reunion 子夜归, produced by Tencent and Linmon Pictures, has announced its cast as the series kicked off filming today, January 2. It brings together Xu Kai and Tian Xiwei, both having risen to fame in their respective historical dramas Story of Yanxi Palace and more recently, New Life Begins.

The story is adapted from the novel Mrs. Mei’s Daily Life of Pampering Her Husband 梅夫人宠夫日常 by Fu Hua 扶华. Set in Chang’an, it looks like we’re in for a sweet romance sprinkled with fantasy elements what with a demon city that mirrors the human world. Xu Kai plays upright official Mei Zhuyu while Tian Xiwei plays the playful and forthright Wu Zhen who turns into a cat at night. The two eventually join hands to uphold peace and older.

Xu Kai has been doing quite a lot of historicals that it could either be a hit or a miss. Wonderland of Love, which is his latest one that paired him with 35-year-old actress Jing Tian turned out to be a pleasant surprise with a story from renowned author Fei Wo Si Cun. This time around, the 28 year old actor is paired with Tian Xiwei who is two years younger. It looks like a fun concept, and I hope it turns out well. The visuals are certainly through the roof already. Actress Wang Jiayi takes a special starring role along with a cast that includes Wu Junting, Yi Daqian, Fan Shiran and Shan Jingyao.

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