Arsenal Military Academy Producer Yu Zheng Sad About Cut Scenes

Arsenal Military Academy Producer Yu Zheng Sad About Cut Scenes
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Arsenal Military Academy 烈火军校 which stars Bai Lu and Xu Kai should have a lot of sweetness to go around in their second drama as an onscreen couple. Yet it’s already in the middle of its run and still no kissing scenes. In fact, the drama which is adapted from a novel of the same name by Xiao Xiang Dong Er should be chock full of interactions between the two leads that seem to be missing now that the show has aired. 

In a recent post on social media that sparked discussion amongst the drama’s viewers, producer Yu Zheng lamented on the missing scenes, asking fans to be a wee bit more forgiving of the drama’s “limitations” and saying that as a creator, “every cut scene is very painful”. Indeed, because the show is touted to be a romance, the biggest bone of contention amongst Netizens is that there just aren’t enough romantic scenes. So fans are still clamouring for any footage of the locker scene and the dancing! One unhappy viewer says “yes, like the Go Go Squid drama in July, so many kisses… eh? Are the people of the republic not allowed to kiss?” 

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With Yu Zheng’s post, it’s pretty clear that he is also disappointed about the scenes that were cut. Arsenal Military Academy is a military drama about a woman who pretends to be a boy to start her journey of becoming a soldier. With the current drama landscape in China and the timing coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the PRC, some have commented that it’s not surprising that there would be strict rules imposed against romantic displays between two soldiers. 
Yu Zheng is understandably protective of his “baby”, saying that “nobody wants to purposely destroy the integrity of his own work”. He also added that “the fate of the drama has been extremely bumpy from the start. The schedule had been pushed back, hot searches have gone down and the good results internally are not being reflected for reasons I don’t know. That said, I am happy with my efforts to complete my work. To have people enjoying the drama is enough for me. My heart is bleeding so please don’t continue to salt the wound, alright.”

Anyways, as a consolation of sorts, here are some lovely photos of the cast to sweeten up your day pronto! So please, enjoy!

aresenal military academy Xu Kai

aresenal military academy Bai Lu

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aresenal military academy

aresenal military academy cast

aresenal military academy cast

aresenal military academy cast

aresenal military academy cast

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