Song Yi Headlines Newest Historical Drama ‘Shadow Love’ with Cheng Lei After ‘Follow Your Heart

Song Yi Headlines Newest Historical Drama 'Shadow Love' with Cheng Lei After 'Follow Your Heart

The cast of “Shadow Love” (与晋长安), a new historical drama starring Song Yi and Ryan Cheng Lei, has kicked off on May 13, 2024. It marks a reunion for the two after they filmed the yet-to-air “Follow Your Heart,” which they shot in 2023. At the time, Cheng Lei played the second lead as Song Yi was paired with Luo Yunxi.

Song Yi made her debut as Xiang Ling in the costume drama “The Dream of Red Mansions” in 2010. Many of her notable roles have been in ancient costume. The 34-year-old actress was Fan Ruoruo in “Joy of Life,” Su Tan’er in “My Heroic Husband,” and Liu Yuru in “Destined.” While, 30-year-old Cheng Lei who is four years younger than his co-star started out a bit later, he also became known for the period genre having played Gong Shangjue, the second male lead in “My Journey to You.”

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Joining the cast is singer-turned-idol Bi Wenjun, who takes on the role of the second male lead. Shi Ce. Darren Chen, and Ji Xiaobing also star, while Du Chun and Cheng Xiao make special appearances. Notably, this project also marks a reunion between Song Yi and director Deng Ke after “My Heroic Husband.” Deng Ke also directed “The Legend of Shen Li,” which, like “Shadow Love,” is adapted from novels by Jiulu Feixiang.

Apart from her badass role as Yu Manli in “The Disguiser,” Song Yi often embodies refined characters. Her role as a female general in “Shadow Love” marks a departure from her usual repertoire. Li Shuang, a courageous and skilled female general is given a month to weed out a spy. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when she saves a man with amnesia and serious injuries, bringing him back to the military camp.

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