Light Comedy My Heroic Husband Opens with Douban Ratings at 7.1

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Guo Qilin and Song Yi’s latest historical My Heroic Husband 赘婿 may have just opened earlier in the week, but it’s already buzzing with rave reviews from viewers. As an added icing on top, the drama just racked up a Douban score of 7.1 for its opening salvo. Not too shabby for opening week, but fans who have really enjoyed the show have been commenting that the number is lower than what they expected.

my heroic husband guo qilin
my heroic husband Song Yi

Plot wise, the drama adaptation of author Angry Banana’s novel while not exactly the same has its own charms. The casting lineup too appears to be quite strong. It brings together much of the actors from the highly successful drama Joy of Life 庆余年 with not only the leads but also a supporting cast that includes Gao Shuguang, Tian Yu and more, both of whom have won acclaim for their acting skills independently.

Guo Qilin with Gao Shuguang and Tian Yu
Guo Qilin with Gao Shuguang and Tian Yu

Elsewhere, Guo Qilin brings to the table a certain degree of comedy which adds another layer of colour to the story whilst Song Yi’s performance is also quite good, not to mention the actress has won praise for her classic beauty that is very fitting for the historical genre. All in all, the drama appears to tick the right boxes in the makings of a good series which is why many are willing for ratings to go higher and for more episodes to be released every week.

Zhang Ruoyun Becomes Guo Qilin

zhang ruoyun cameo in my heroic husband

Going back to the story, Guo Qilin and Song Yi’s Joy of Life co-star Zhang Ruoyun makes a cameo as the modern day businessman thrown back in time to emerge as the insignificant husband to the heir of a cloth merchant family. In essence, Zhang Ruoyun who plays the domineering CEO turns into Guo Qilin in the ancient times. Whilst the three originally played siblings in Joy of Life, Guo Qilin‘s Ning Yi is the main man in question, forced to play second fiddle to his wife Su Tan’er played by Song Yi.

When the family business is threatened by competition, Ning Yi cunningly channels his business acumen – he was a financial bigshot after all in his previous lifetime, and injects modern ideas of business management and economic know how to get ahead.

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