Cheng Lei, Lu Yuxiao and Tian Jiarui’s “Family of Three” Shine in “My Journey to You”

Cheng Lei
Cheng Lei, Lu Yuxiao and Tian Jiarui
Happy family of three: Tian Jiarui, Lu Yuxiao and Cheng Lei

29-year-old Cheng Lei and 23-year-old Lu Yuxiao may play second leads in My Journey to You 云之羽 but boy their over the roof chemistry sure has viewers shipping this pairing already. Naturally, everyone expected to see some sparks between main leads Esther Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe. But to get this much heat from the drama’s second leads is no doubt an added bonus for viewers who tuned in. To think their characters are supposed to be enemies since she’s a spy sent to get close to him.

There’s just a wee bit of a hiccup though as little bro Yuan Zhi played by 24-year-old newbie actor Tian Jiarui appears to be giving wifey a run for her money when it comes to big bro Shang Jue’s attention! With Yuan Zhi around, mealtimes for their little “family of three” has definitely gotten so much more interesting with these two squabbling for Gong Er’s (second eldest Gong brother) attention. But who’s it gonna be?

Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao

A Happy Family of Three?

Recently, the supporting cast of My Journey to You which include Cheng Lei, Lu Yuxiao, Jin Jing, Sun Chenjun and Tian Jiarui all dropped by Sina TV to promote their show, and naturally, Cheng Lei was asked to choose. Trying to keep the peace and play fair, he initially said both younger bro and wife had more or less the same level of importance even if the emotions Shang Jue felt for each one was different. 

Cheng Lei, Lu Yuxiao and Tian Jiarui
Screencapture: Sina TV / Weibo

But nope, it looks like everyone was keen on forcing him to pick one. “As Cheng Lei, if your younger brother and your wife started fighting in real life, who are you going to help?” The actor was a bit flustered when he said “Impossible, can’t fight, really can’t fight.” Meanwhile, Tian Jiarui gleefully bantered “between sister-in-law and younger bro, if both of them fell into the water, who are you gonna save first?” With both his onscreen wife and younger bro staring at him (and showing a united front!), a flustered Cheng Lei adorably said I’m choosing not to answer this question! After some extra prodding from though, he finally said he’ll use all his strength to push them BOTH ashore. Looks like IRL, Gong Er is still adamant in being the responsible brother after all.

Supporting Characters Also Winning Over Viewers

Jin Jing and Sun Chenjun
Jin Jing and Sun Chenjun

It’s interesting to see how even the supporting characters in the series are getting attention from fans and how they’ve been given significant airtime for audiences to get to know them better. Aside from the family of three, there’s Jin Jing’s comedic antics with her love interest, Sun Chenjun’s strait-laced bodyguard. There’s even 15-year-old Ai Mi whose tearjerking side story as Esther’s young assassin friend Yun Que definitely leaves a mark as well as 22-year-old Hyman Zuo Ye who plays “Elder” Yue.

Zuo Ye and Ai Mi
Zuo Ye and Ai Mi

Whilst it’s good to see the supporting roles shining, there seems to be those who feel that production is pushing the supporting characters instead of the main leads. Some also questioned why Esther Yu and Zhang Linghe didn’t even join the Sina promotion though it could be that their schedules just wouldn’t permit. They still joined somehow by calling in during the livesteam.

The cast is set to appear on the variety show Hello Saturday but also not at the same time. During the livestream, Esther took the time to explain that it all boils down the everyone’s conflicting schedules. After all, My Journey to You literally air dropped episodes with no warning, which doesn’t leave its stars enough time to promote the show given their busy schedules.   As they say, the more the merrier. At the end of the day, with all the increased attention on not just the main leads but also the supporting characters, the series could be raking in double (or triple) the publicity the more its characters are getting popular.

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