Hu Yitian Returns In “Blossoms in Adversity,” Premieres April 2

Hu Yitian
Hu Yitian and Zhang Jingyi

Blossoms in Adversity 惜花芷 is coming to screens sooner than you think. With its April 2 premiere date on Youku looming up ahead, new posters were just released by the production to give everyone a taste. The historical romance sees the first time pairing of Hu Yitian and Zhang Jingyi as the main couple of the show.  Meanwhile, we also get to see Lu Yuxiao playing Hu Yitian’s sister in the series.

It’s a First for Them

Since starring in the Republican fantasy drama See You Again, we’ve rarely seen Hu Yitian on the small screens. Come to think of it, it’s actually been more than a year since he last had one out. No doubt news that Blossoms in Adversity is finally dropping its first episode is a welcome one not only for the actor but for his many fans. As for his co-star Zhang Jingyi, it seems this drama also marks a first for her. The 24-year-old who first drew attention in the youth drama Run for Young has only ever done modern dramas save for the few historical ones set during the Republican period. Blossoms in Adversity is actually her first foray into the costumed historical genre and from the looks of the newly released posters, she suits the genre just fine.

Hu Yitian and Lu Yuxiao Play Siblings

Lu Yuxiao

Meanwhile, in sharp contrast to her cunning assassin Shangguan Qian in last year’s My Journey to You, Lu Yuxiao plays Shao Yao, the innocent and simple minded sister of Hu Yitian in the series. Whilst her character may appear pure and fragile, she also displays a knack for medicine. People absolutely loved her chemistry with Cheng Lei in My Journey to You despite them both playing the second lead role. Given her rising popularity, I reckon expectations remain pretty high, even if she’s playing a supporting character once again.

Blossoms in Adversity follows the Hua family’s struggle after a devastating tragedy forces the men into exile, leaving Hua Zhi to lead the women through hardship while unexpectedly finding love with Gu Yanxi. There’s quite a few dramas with “blossoms” in the title lately, This one kind of fits, as the heroine’s surname, Hua, literally translates to ‘flower’ in English.

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