“The Story of Hua Zhi” First Look at Hu Yitian and Zhang Jingyi in Her First Historical Drama

First Look at "The Story of Hua Zhi" Starring Hu Yitian and Zhang Jingyi

Youku’s historical romance series The Story of Hua Zhi 惜花芷 has been shooting for a couple months now. It pairs up Hu Yitian and Lighter & Princess star Zhang Jingyi for the first time. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hu Yitian in ancient garb. His last and perhaps only historical was Handsome Siblings in 2020 which also starred Chen Zheyuan. Meanwhile, 24-year-old actress Zhang Jingyi who plays the titular heroine in The Story of Hua Zhi dons the ancient look for the first time with this being her first historical.

Caesar Wu Xize, Lu Yuxiao and Bian Cheng


The Story of Hua Zhi tells a Mulan-esque story with the heroine also having the surname Hua like Mulan. Based on a novel by Kong Liu 空留, Hua Zhi thought that she could lead a stable life as the prim and proper daughter of a prominent family. However, the Hua family is pushed to the brink of collapse, and she has to step up. In an era where women don’t easily show their faces, going out to do business and riding a horse is the norm for her. Her notorious reputation as someone not to be messed with spreads throughout the capital. She is prepared to die alone, but she never thought that someone clad in armor would ask for her hand in marriage.

Myolie Wu, Yang Mingna and Eddy Ko Hung


Aside from Hu Yitian’s Lingwang Prince and Zhang Jingyi’s Hua Zhi, it also stars Caesar Wu Xize as the young master of the Shen family, Lu Yuxiao and teen actor Bian Cheng who first drew attention when he was paired with Ren Min in 2020’s Serenade of Peaceful Joy. Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu joins the cast along with Yang Mingna and 75-year-old veteran actor Eddy Ko Hung aka Gao Xiong.

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