Yu Zheng Says He Doesn’t Know Zhang Jingyi

Yu Zheng Says He Doesn't Know Zhang Jingyi Before Changing His Tune Draws Flak for It

Yu Zheng is still dishing out his thoughts on everything showbiz by responding to questions online, and this time, it’s about Zhang Jingyi. A Netizen recently asked the screenwriter-producer what he thought of the 23-year-old actress and his response was, “Don’t keep asking about artists I don’t know, it’ll be awkward to land on the hot search list.” Sure enough, his response drew flak.

Some Netizens pointed out the double standard when he was asked about Zhang Jingyi’s Lighter and Princess co-star Arthur Chen Feiyu. Yu Zheng commented that he’s very handsome. On whether he’d want to work with Arthur, Yu Zheng also said that he’s too shy to find someone popular since it’ll be embarrassing if it falls through. When asked if he’d consider working with Zhang Jingyi, Yu Zheng said, “Can you ask her to fight for it, instead of coming to me and asking me to find a little girl, are my 20 something years in the entertainment circle for nothing?”

Zhang Jingyi has been a talent under K-Artists, a management company founded by A-list stars Chen Kun and Zhou Xun since 2018. Some have interpreted Chen Kun’s now-deleted post as a show of support for the actress when he said, “Zaizai, please continue to study hard, stay humble, there’s endless learning.” Meanwhile, Yu Zheng has showered Zhang Jingyi with compliments in his recent post. He shared that he cannot understand why the things he says keep landing on the hot search and also clarified, “I quite like Zhang Jingyi, very beautiful and very recognizable, but I haven’t had a chance to really get in touch with her, don’t add drama for me, it’s embarrassing!…” He also said that he definitely knows of her, all he meant was he hasn’t interacted with her.

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