“Lighter and Princess” Filming Disrupted By Daipai and Sisheng Fans

"Lighter and Princess" Issues Statement After Daipai and Sisheng Fans Disrupt Filming
Photos: Chen Feiyu Studio, Zhang Jingyi / Weibo

The dust has barely settled from the Chinese government’s Qing Lang campaign, and yet some persistent problems in the industry continue to linger. Last month, Legend of Anle called out people taking unauthorized photos on set. This week, modern drama Lighter and Princess 打火机与公主裙 starring Arthur Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi which only recently started filming is at the receiving end of numerous set disruptions caused by a large number of sisheng fans (私生饭) and daipai (代拍) who descended on set and got in the way of the crew.

On October 4, Lighter and Princess released a statement to address this pressing issue. They thanked fans and audiences for their continued support and attention to their project. However, they also said that daily filming activities being carried out by the LaP crew is constantly being interrupted by a large number of daipai and sisheng fans who broke into the set trying to take photos. Seeing that photos, videos, audio and other materials related to Lighter and Princess have been kept under tight wraps by the production team, any material released sans authorization and taken by improper means are a serious infringement to their rights. Production also stated that they reserve the right to take legal action.

Thank you again for your attention and hope that the audience and friends will work with us to respect and protect the efforts of all the actors and crew. During these special circumstances, everyone should respond rationally and put their own safety and health first …

Lighter and Princess statement
lighter and princess
Zhang Jingyi and a blond Arthur Chen Feiyu at the drama’s boot ceremony last week

With all the stringent requirements released by the government aimed to curb toxic fan behaviour, one would’ve thought this early in the game that people will still toe the line when it comes to “chasing stars” responsibly. Granted, the guidelines don’t directly tackle daipai and sisheng fan behaviour so maybe, together with YXH accounts, it’s high time this also gets addressed?

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