Deng Wei Seems to Have Gotten on Yu Zheng’s Bad Side as the Latter Disses Him

Deng Wei Seems to Have Gotten on Yu Zheng's Bad Side as the Latter Disses Him
Photo: Deng Wei / Weibo

Controversial screenwriter-producer Yu Zheng clearly didn’t pull his punches when he bluntly said his impression of actor Deng Wei was “very bad”.  Yu Zheng appears to be getting into the habit of engaging with his followers and answering their questions from time to time.  Having helped launch the careers of a lot of stars, Netizens would usually ask for his impressions about a certain actor.

When a Netizen commented for Yu Zheng to take a look at Deng Wei, the producer unexpectedly replied “I can’t deal with people who put on airs”. A Netizen who initially thought Yu Zheng’s negative opinion resulted from the recent airport incident where the 27-year-old actor was accused of acting like a big shot due to his assistant’s harsh attitude towards the people filming them at the airport explained that the issue has been cleared up. Whilst fans defended Deng Wei saying he really wasn’t like that at all, turns out the producer’s response was from his own personal encounter with the actor.

“Terribly Pretentious”

I saw him once, but my impression of him was very bad. He was told to audition but he didn’t even wanna do it. Terribly pretentious” Yu Zheng recounted. As expected his comment caused quite a stir online.

He also shot a short clip saying, “I think I might have said the wrong things again and trended on the hot search. But what I’m saying are my first impressions…” Yu Zheng said that actors who come to his auditions are generally very humble whether they’re popular or not. However, there are always one or two exceptions who come in acting quite arrogant. These are the people who leave a bigger impression on him. Moreover, Yu Zheng also revealed that the actor left without even auditioning. He said that he looked him up online afterwards and saw that Deng Wei barely even had any dramas to his name!

The producer also took the opportunity to counsel young people not to be too arrogant or impetuous. “This is actually a very important thing and will ensure the path you’re walking will lead to a better future”. He also said being humble will do you a lot of good one day. “Because in the end, you’ll have to rely on acting skills to convince people and not through putting on any airs.”

Some are questioning Yu Zheng’s claims with one saying, “You know it’s hard to be scolded by others, so because of your words is it okay for a rookie actor to be scolded?” Nonetheless, Yu Zheng seems determined to stand by his words.

Deng Wei’s Upcoming Dramas

It’s worth noting here that as a fairly green actor, Deng Wei has been cast in supporting roles for a few anticipated dramas like Chong Zi and Till the End of the Moon which reunites Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu. He also recently wrapped filming for Lost You Forever where he acts opposite Yang Zi as one of her three love interests. The potential for these xianxia dramas to turn into a hit has put Deng Wei amongst the up and coming actors to watch for.

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