15-Year-Old Actor Bian Cheng Under Fire for Rude Comments Towards Co-Star Ren Min During Their Livestream

Bian Cheng Under Fire for Rude Comments Towards Ren Min During Their Livestream Together
Ren Min and Bian Cheng drew attention for their heart-wrenching story as the young couple in Serenade of Peaceful Joy. However, young actor Bian Cheng has come under fire for the way he treated Ren Min in their recent livestream

When asked about her ideal type, Ren Min was trying to say that just like her character Huairou in the drama, she is attracted to looks. Bian Cheng chimed in to say that the criteria is a bit too common so Ren Min had to explain that looks is just the basics and that she likes someone funny. Bian Cheng then said that he’ll try his best to be very deep! cold and ruthless (basically the opposite of funny)! He adds, “I’ll try hard not to become your ideal type.”
When Ren Min was asked about health and wellness, she said that she soaks her feet every night because her feet get very cold. Bian Cheng interjected, “Because your feet are so stinky.” Ren Min says there’s no way he could know that and he’s made it awkward saying that to which he admits that he doesn’t know. Ren Min turns back to the screen to say, “Okay, forgive didi (she’s referring to Bian Cheng as younger brother).”
Bian Cheng Under Fire for Rude Comments Towards Ren Min During Their Livestream Together
When asked about his first impressions of Ren Min, Bian Cheng says, “Just someone who’s not very good looking, not very tall, just a jiejie (older sister) who is mediocre… ” After a pause and what appears to be prodding from people behind the camera, he goes on to say, “After interacting with her, felt that this jiejie is actually nice, takes care of us sometimes and is very serious about her work…”
When asked if they could have a chance to work together again, Ren Min says that she’d be happy because it’s proof that she’s still young. Bian Cheng on the other hand says, “There probably won’t be a chance (to work together)…. If you play my aunt or my senior, will you think that you’re still young?” Ren Min clarifies that they could play a couple or classmates. Bian Cheng says, “Who wants to play a couple with you.”
Ren Min turns to the screen confused as she says that she doesn’t know why he’s suddenly being like this and Bian Cheng goes on to mutter some things about being scared to fall emotionally…”
With their drama, it’s quite normal to see these two appearing together as they even had a photoshoot with Cosmopolitan China. Bian Cheng is 15 years old while Ren Min is 5 years older than him. Both are really young, full of potential with promising careers ahead of them but it seems like Bian Cheng is throwing all that away with his recent behavior and it’s only been a day since the finale of Serenade of Peaceful Joy!
Bian Cheng quickly issued an apology through Weibo, “Today is my first livestream with Kuankuan, a little bit excited and nervous that I crossed the line, saying sorry to Kuankuan here, thank you everyone for your supervision that has allowed me to see my mistakes and shortcomings, I will become more disciplined going forward. Again @RenMin, sorry.”
Bian Cheng Under Fire for Rude Comments Towards Ren Min During Their Livestream Together
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