Berg Ng, Eddy Ko and Cheng Shu Fung from “Fist of Fury” Hold a Mini Reunion

Fist of FUry
Fist of Fury co-stars Berg Ng, Eddy Ko and Cheng Shu Fung

Fist of Fury fans won’t have any trouble recognising OG Hong Kong stars Berg Ng (吳廷燁), Eddy Ko (高雄) and Cheng Shu Fung (鄭恕峰) from the 1995 ATV series. Seeing as it’s quite rare for them to meet up, Cheng Shu Fung made sure to immortalise their reunion on social media.  “Actors from 1995’s Fist of Fury Berg Ng, Eddy Ko and Cheng Shu Feng reunited in Hengdian Studios” he wrote. All three looked quite game as they posed for the camera.

Fist of Fury actually has several movie versions but it is the 1995 TV adaptation helmed by Donnie Yen that they all collaborated in. Eddy played the iconic Fok Yuen-gap who was Donnie Yen’s teacher in the martial arts series. Berg also played a student that was jealous of Donnie Yen’s character. Meanwhile, Cheng Shu Feng played a nefarious bandit.

While the three actors are often seen in supporting roles with Eddy playing a martial arts master and Berg having a number of memorable villain roles, it’s certainly nostalgic to see them again. At 74 and 67 years-old respectively, Cheng Shu Fung and Eddy are still fairly active in the industry. Like his former co-stars, Berg who’s the youngest at 61 also tried his hand at a career in Mainland China though sightings of Berg in front of the cameras have become pretty rare in the past couple years. Then again, the three veteran actors are literally in Hengdian, where many dramas are filmed.

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