Face-Swap Drama “In Blossom” Becomes Fastest to Hit 10000 on Youku in 2024

In BLossom
In Blossom
In Blossom

Newly released costume historical In Blossom 花间令 is off to a good start. The mystery romance drama which stars Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi may have just premiered on March 15, but it has already hit the number 1 spot on some ratings charts like Datawin. The show also leads Youku’s popularity index on its premiere day. According to the streaming giant, In Blossom’s popularity has already exceeded 10,000, becoming the fastest Youku series to hit the mark since the start of 2024.

In Blossom Youku 10000 heat index

In Blossom explores the theme of a heroine undergoing a face swap which is a theme that seems to resonate strongly with audiences. After all, there’s the success of A Familiar Stranger, which is among the best in the short drama sphere. Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi star as Yang Caiwei / Shangguan Zhi and Pan Yue. The two work together solving strange cases. For Ju Jingyi in particular, fans are happy for the show’s success especially after all the drama from her last starring role. There are of course others who would beg otherwise. Remember how a lot of the criticism for her past works all seem to be centred on how her facial expressions are always the same as well as her character’s makeup looks? It seems some feel this is still the case for In Blossom.

The beginning of the story introduces us to Zheng He Hui Zi’s Yang Caiwei, and despite her brief appearance, her chemistry with Liu Xueyi has won over fans. In fact, the 33-year-old actor has been gaining quite a lot of buzz for his male lead role. A face swap leads to the wrong Yang Caiwei being murdered on the day of their wedding. Everything seems to be pointing at Pan Yue as the culprit leaving a “resurrected” Yang Caiwei, now played by Ju Jingyi to return under the guise of the evil girl Shangguan Zhi. Will their efforts expose the real killer or will they fall victim once more to the killer’s machinations?

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