“Guardians Of The Dafeng” Helmed By Dylan Wang Hedi and Tian Xiwei Drops New Stills

Dylan Wang in Guardians of the Dafeng
Dylan Wang Hedi stars as Xu Qi’an

It’s officially the weekend, but that sure didn’t keep the powers that be from teasing us with a little somethin’ something for what’s to come in Dylan Wang Hedi’s upcoming drama Guardians of the Dafeng 大奉打更人. Not that any of this comes largely as a huge surprise since behind the scenes photos from the show have been leaked by the dozen since filming began in July. Nonetheless, it’s great to finally catch the 24-year-old actor in official photos and his styling appears to look great as well IMHO.

After the mega success of last summer’s Love Between Fairy and Devil with Esther Yu Shuxin, Dylan took a break from costume historicals to film the modern drama Only For Love which he shot with Bai Lu. This time though, he’s back once again to star in a fantasy series that even has has its own manhua. In the original time travelling piece, the protagonist Xu Qi’an who despite travelling through time thinking he’d live a life of leisure as a rich man, still ends up being a constable of Dafeng City… and one that’s about to get exiled at that.  

Guardians of the Dafeng
Guardians of the Dafeng

Guardians of the Dafeng Cast

Meanwhile, Guardians of the Dafeng also announced Wang Hedi’s latest new pairing with the super pretty Tian Xiwei who stars as Princess Lin An. The 25-year-old actress previously starred in 2022’s successful arranged marriage slash palace romance series New Life Begins opposite Bai Jingting. Supposedly, the original story is very much focused on Xu Qi’an’s character so I’m not sure yet how the production will tweak the tale to feature Princess Lin An more prominently.

Moving over to the rest of the cast, veteran actor Liu Yijun also appears in the series, this time as the leader of the guardians (and Xu Qi’an’s mentor) Wei Yuan. The series also confirmed Yan Zidong who stars as Xu Qi’an’s cousin Xu Xinnian. Other stars to be featured on the show include Zhang Xiaochen, Mao Xiaohui who plays the new Xiao Long Nu in the latest Condor Heroes franchise will also be appearing in the series together with Fan Shiqi, Liu Meihan, Zhang Miaoyi whom some of you might recognise from this summer’s youth drama When I Fly Towards You 当我飞奔向你.

Check out the rest of the stills from the drama adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Xiao Langjun.

Guardians of the Dafeng

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