Wei Daxun Studio Takes Legal Action While Dylan Wang Fans Call For His Studio To Do The Same

Wei Daxun Studio Takes Legal Action While Dylan Wang Fans Call For His Studio To Do The Same
Photo(s): Wei Daxun Studio and Dylan Wang Studio / Weibo

Wei Daxun has just taken a huge leap from a variety show regular and actor to a traffic star thanks to the success of his role as the domineering executive in Fireworks of My Heart. Many are happy for him since the 34-year-old actor has been in the industry for over a decade. He was even JYP Entertainment’s first Chinese actor when he signed with the South Korean company back in 2014. However, it seems the road to fame cannot be without antis.

Wei Daxun Studio Strikes Back at Antis

On August 16, Beijing Xingquan Law Firm issued a statement indicating that they have been entrusted by Wei Daxun’s studio to take action against insulting and defamatory remarks directed at the actor. They state that they have collected evidence on the suspected infringement of Mr. Wei Daxun’s right of reputation. They’ve listed the IDs of Weibo users (棣一次心动42026, uyjkv, 白马寺的小呆毛) that they are filing a case against. Once the court orders the platform to disclose their real names, they intend to sue again depending on the seriousness of the infringement or failure to stop infringement. They write, “The Internet is not a lawless place. Internet users should act within the framework of the law when publishing opinions, and never cross the bottomline.”

Wei Daxun and Dylan Wang Fans Are Fighting Online

Netizens noticed that the IDs called out appear to be Dylan Wang’s fans. As it turns out, fans of both actors have been engaging in a fan war lately. It may have stemmed from a clip from the variety show Hello, Saturday where series regular Li Xueqin was asked to choose who she’d pick between the two men as a leading man. Then there’s also Dylan Wang’s upcoming Only for Love where he also happens to be portraying a domineering executive. It seems what started out as fans simply supporting their own has turned into an ugly dispute. Meanwhile, Dylan Wang’s fans are also urging his studio to strike back at antis.

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