“Only for Love” Starring Bai Lu and Dylan Wang Kicks Off

"Only for Love" Starring Bai Lu and Dylan Wang Unveils Cast

You’ve probably already seen leaked photos of the two leads while filming on set, but it’s finally official now that Only for Love 以爱为营 has kicked off with new promos. The show brings together Bai Lu, 28, and Dylan Wang Hedi, 23, in their very first collaboration. Incidentally, it also reunites Bai Lu with One and Only director Guo Hu.

Adapted from the novel Accidental Love 错撩 by Qiao Yao 翘摇, the story follows ace reporter Zheng Shuyi who chases after financial genius Shiyan. A romance ensues after a case of mistaken identity. If the novel is being followed to a tee, it’s because she’s trying to get revenge on her cheating ex by trying to seduce the man she thought to be his current girlfriend’s uncle. I haven’t read the novel but it seems you either get the humor or find the main character a bit too much.

Dylan Wang and Bai Lu in Only for Love

As much as I adore Love Between Fairy and Devil, I like the pairing switch-ups we’ve been seeing in dramaland lately. It’s like a little circle of possible couple pairings and I’m all for this one!

The show has also announced Miles Wei Zheming in the role of a university associate professor, Shen Yujie as a workplace rookie as well as Eric Liu Dongqin and Jiang Peiyao rounding up the main cast. Familiar faces like Nie Yuan, Zeng Li who was in this year’s hit drama Love Like the Galaxy, Dong Xuan and veteran actor Kou Zhenhai also star.

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