“Love Like the Galaxy” Holds Wrap Party

Love Like the Galaxy
Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi in Love Like the Galaxy
Thumbs Up!

It’s time to celebrate! The drama Love Like the Galaxy 星汉灿烂 held its wrap party last night to coincide with the finale of the two part series for regular viewers . And you betcha the entire crew turned up to celebrate the fruits of their hard work!  Whereas this victory party looked far more intimate than the well-attended ones from previous years – thanks to fans and media attendance, it appears everyone still had a good time. After all, there’s plenty to celebrate as the series managed to garner a 7.6 rating on Douban. That’s a pretty good showing amongst popular celeb dramas all considering.

Of course , what’s a successful historical romance drama without its fair share of shippers right? In this case though, I gotta agree with fans since Wu Lei, 22, and Zhao Lusi, 23, do indeed look super sweet together. Aside from BTS snippets from the show, last night’s party is probably the first time people have seen them really get to interact again when the (filming) cameras are not rolling. Nonetheless the pair looked cute as they were goofing off together.

Love LIke the Galaxy
Wait for Meee!

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