“Immortal Samsara 2” Premieres, “Love Like the Galaxy 2” Airs Finale on the Same Day

"Love Like the Galaxy 2" Airs Finale, "Immortal Samsara 2" Also Premieres
Photos: Love Like the Galaxy / Weibo and Immortal Samsara/ Weibo

Lots of endings (and a beginning!) going on this week as two of the dramas topping the charts recently are already airing finales. In fact, Immortal Samsara Part 1 沉香如屑 already closed out its first chapter at 38 episodes last night. Love Like the Galaxy Part 2 月升沧海 will be following suit to drop episodes 49 up to the finale of episode 56 this evening, August 18.

Nonetheless, if you’re the type who absolutely hates the long wait for the sequel, you’re in for a treat as Immortal Samsara Part 2 沉香重华 will also be dropping on August 18! Part 2 is made up of 21 episodes from episodes 39-59.

However, there’s a teeny bit of a catch there as I forgot to mention that this is unfortunately only for viewers with VIP subscription. For those who don’t have VIP early access, I’d suggest maybe keeping off of social media for the meantime since early access could only mean one thing … spoilers.

New Trend?

Now you may have noticed the uptick in the number of dramas split into two parts thankfully minus the very long wait time in between for the sequel in recent dramas. I mean, part of 2 of Love Like the Galaxy immediately aired after part 1 ended. The Blue Whisper pretty much was the same with part 2 immediately airing just three days after the first part ended. Allen Ren Jia Lun and Bai Lu’s One and Only and its sequel Forever and Ever last year was another novel adaptation split into two parts.

People have surmised that this is probably due in part to the NRTA’s mandate in early 2020 requiring dramas to have a completed script before applying for their permits. Remember how “water injections” was a strategy used to kill time and to drag out more airtime for the show and for its sponsors? Dramas were advised to cap their episode counts to 40 or less.

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