“Immortal Samsara” First Look at Yang Zi and Cheng Yi Starring in Their Next Xianxia Romance in New Teaser

Yang Zi and Cheng Yi in Chen Xiang Ru Xie

Oops! Yang Zi did it again! Watching the freshly dropped trailer to her upcoming xianxia series with Cheng Yi, it seems Cheng Yi’s Ying Yuan (Tang Zhou) also didn’t escape the fate of the actress’ on-screen lovers because he too appears to have gotten stabbed in their drama Immortal Samsara 沉香如屑, also known as the novel adaptation of Agarwood Like Crumbs! At least this time .. the stabbing was from the front?

Such a clever clever way to get everyone intrigued don’t you think? Because let’s face it, who can really forget that emotion laden scene where she stabbed Deng Lun’s Xu Feng from behind in Ashes of Love? *cry* Why, even Yang Zi laughingly commented about it when she shared the drama’s trailer on social media. “I didn’t expect that even Yan Dan (her character) who dared to love and hate, also didn’t manage to escape “stabbing her husband”.

Immortal Samsara Synopsis

The story is based on author Su Mo’s novel of the same name. However, people have been saying that the drama adaptation might be a wee bit different from the book. After all, the book’s second lead Tang Zhou becomes the male lead in the drama .

Yang Zi’s character Yan Dan is a lotus fairy descended from an ancient tribe whose entire being appears to be a precious asset of ancient medicine. She and her twin sister Zhixi were cultivated into human form at the Queen Mother’s Feast a hundred years ago. Meanwhile, Cheng Yi’s Tang Zhou who’s now a demon hunter makes her acquaintance whilst on his way down the mountain. As they fight against evil, Tang Zhou and Yan Dan accidentally recover their lost memories. They finally remember that theirs was a love that was predestined but whose tribulations they failed. He was once the god of war who protected the common people, and that she, a fairy goddess who could heal pain.

Yang Zi and Cheng Yi in their "godly forms" in Chen Xiang Ru Xie
In their godly forms

Yet Another Xianxia

When rumours first started circulating that the actress was starring in yet another xianxia, fans were up in arms against her management company H&R Century Pictures because they worried about the direction her career was taking. Taking on another xianxia won’t exactly allow her to stretch her wings and challenge her versatility as an actress they said. Things seem to have quieted down on that front though, especially after speculation has everyone worried about The Golden Hairpin not seeing the light of day with the recent Kris Wu debacle.

Immortal Samsara marks Yang Zi’s return to the genre after the 2018 hit drama Ashes of Love. Likewise, it’s the same for Cheng Yi who rose to fame last year through Love and Redemption. Now that the drama has teased us with visuals from its brand new trailer and posters, what do you guys think?

Scenes from Chen Xiang Ru Xie
Scenes from Chen Xiang Ru Xie

It also stars Zhang Rui as Yu Mo who was the main protagonist in the novel. Meng Ziyi, Zhu Yongteng, Fu Fangjun, Xu Kaining, Li Xinze and Han Chengyu also star.

Note: An update has been made to the article to reflect the official English title.

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