Kris Wu and Yang Zi Promote Peace and Love As The Golden Hairpin Wraps

Kris Wu and Yang Zi Promote Peace and Love As The Golden Hairpin Wraps Up Filming
Considering the seemingly endless amount of issues that has plagued The Golden Hairpin 青簪行 from the very beginning, yesterday’s official wrap up must have still been quite a bittersweet moment for the drama’s entire team that even the show’s male lead Kris Wu made the unprecedented move to share some of his thoughts on social media. 

Kris Wu’s Sentiments After Filming Wrapped 

I was very grateful to accept the invitation to join the cast of The Golden Hairpin after meeting Director Lam Yuk Fan in Beijing in the early spring 2019. This was my very first foray into filming dramas and I met Li Shubai. From first feeling uneasy, I started to feel his joys and sorrows as well as experiencing his generous and straightforward attitudes towards joy and grief.
Until today’s wrap up, I can’t describe my unease. Saying goodbye to a character is not as simple as taking off your costume. It’s like leaving behind a person. From the dead of winter to summer, I’ve learned a lot from the seven months I’ve spent with my colleagues who have dreams and loves of their own. Particularly during the quarantine period, the entire crew was united in our efforts to stick to the goal and in overcoming various difficulties.
I very rarely write long posts but this really is the case of “having only a few opportunities in life to meet great friends and never letting go of those friendships no matter what”.
Many thanks to the various teams: directors, production, screenwriters, art, costume and makeup, camera, recording, admins, drivers and other tutors as well as to the other actors. A bigger thank you must also be said to all the publicly unacknowledged staff for all your hard work. Every bit of the effort we put in will bear fruit once the drama is broadcast.
Looking forward to The Golden Hairpin as it is an oeuvre worthy of being appreciated by everyone. It is a creation that doesn’t need unrelated issues detracting from its purity.
Li Shubai, I and every viewer will look forward to meeting you when the drama airs. Let us experience sadness and joy once again.
The fact that Kris Wu spoke up about not wanting unrelated issues to take away from the finished work comes as a bit of a surprise as he very rarely writes about his sentiments on social media. When the issues regarding top billing and the accusations of changing the script to make way for more screen time for him in an otherwise female-centric story first broke out, Kris kept his silence even as his co-star Yang Zi spoke of her thoughts about it last month. However brief it may be, I’m glad Kris Wu said something about the negativity shrouding the production. Truth be told, all the drama surrounding the series put me off from watching it when really, all the focus should be on letting the work and everyone’s efforts to speak for itself. 
Kris Wu and Yang Zi Promote Peace and Love As The Golden Hairpin Wraps Up Filming

Yang Zi’s Sentiments After Filming Wrapped

Meanwhile, his Golden Hairpin co-star Yang Zi too has encouraged the same sentiments in the past when she asked viewers to give the show a shot and not to reject it outright based on the controversies. As this chapter in her life draws to close, the actress had a few things to add before bidding adieu to a project she’s worked hard on for more than half a year – 
” July 16 The Golden Hairpin wrapped. For me, every production is an important station in my life. In the 230 days that I was with Huang Zixia, there were hard times and there were rewards. 
Thank you director Lam and director Leung for your guidance and care. Thanks to the cooperation and efforts of the crew and most of all, thanks to the viewers who have always believed and followed me. There are many voices about our drama, I am grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and humbly accept your suggestions. I hope that everyone can have a little more confidence in us, discard the noise and silently wait for the flower to bloom. I look forward for the day Huang Zixia can meet everyone. 
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