Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi Reunite for “Love Like The Galaxy” After “The Long Ballad”

Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi Reunite for "Love Like The Galaxy" After "The Long Ballad"

And there we have it folks! Tencent just confirmed today that The Long Ballad co-stars Leo Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi are getting their very own pairing as they helm the brand new historical romance drama Love Like The Galaxy 星汉灿烂.

Before the announcement, speculation already ran rife that the pair have been picked up to lead the drama adaptation of the novel of the same name written by The Story of Minglan author Guan Xin Ze Luan. Whereas both actors were paired up with different romantic interests in The Long Ballad – Wu Lei with Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhao Lusi with Liu Yuning as the drama’s secondary lead, it seems producers still saw a lot of potential in a Leo Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi pairing even then.

Love Like The Galaxy

Love Like the Galaxy follows the story of Cheng Shao Shang, a young lady who’s grown into a willful and headstrong woman after being left to fend for herself whilst her family goes off to war. Raised by her relatives, Shao Shang finally reaches marriageable age, but her rather unconventional upbringing poses quite a challenge in marrying her off.

Amongst Shao Shang’s potential matches, there’s Ling Busu, the emperor’s son played by Leo Wu Lei; the scholarly Bai Lushan and Lou Yao, the aristocratic son of a noble house. And while we all know how the story will eventually end and who our heroine ends up with, viewers will no doubt be bound for an interesting and bumpy ride along the way.

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