Condor Heroes remake does damage control with new striking stills of leads

Condor Heroes remake does damage control with new striking stills of leads
Mao Xiaohui Xiaolongnu
The New Version of the Candor Heroes 新神雕侠侣 has dropped more stills of Thomas Tong Mengshi and Mao XiaohuiI saw it earlier today and decided to post it here in case all you’ve seen were the posters from yesterday. Those actually caused quite a stir online. Expectations were high for Xiaolongnü to begin with. It’s a character described as ‘beautiful and elegant beyond convention’ in the Jin Yong novels, so it came as a shock when the first look at the new Xiaolongnü was of her beneath layers of heavy shading applied to her photo.

Because of it, Mao Xiaohui was trending no. 1 on weibo despite being a completely rookie. She’s only starred in two dramas and both have not yet aired. Now, I’m half-convinced that this was a clever gimmick. The latest batch of stills show that Mao Xiaohui does have some of that ethereal air of confidenceComparisons will be always be made to actresses from previous adaptations, but at least there’s hope for this remake. And yes, I’m loving the new Yang Guo.

Mao Xiaohui Xiaolongnu

Tong Mengshi Yang Guo

Mao Xiaohui Xiaolongnu

Mao Xiaohui Xiaolongnu
Mao Xiaohui Xiaolongnu
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