“When I Fly Towards You” Stars Zhou Yiran and Zhang Miaoyi Bid Farewell To Their Characters

"When I Fly Towards You" Stars Zhou Yiran and Zhang Miaoyi Bid Farewell To Their Characters

Recently, fans bid farewell to the school drama When I Fly Towards You 当我飞奔向你 where Zhou Yiran and Zhang Miaoyi took viewers on a delightful ride filled with romance, friendship, and the trials of youth. The show is a pleasant surprise with a sweet story that’s not unheard of but leaves you fondly reminiscing youth. The finale is incredibly sweet with the ending you’d hope for and more.

The Characters that Resonate with Viewers

The main leads who watched the show along with viewers have taken to social media to bid farewell to their beloved characters. Zhang Miaoyi, 24, who portrayed the 16-year-old female lead Su Zaizai said that the story isn’t a fairytale, but love reciprocated. Ultimately, it’s a story that can resonate with viewers. Su Zaizai is a radiant character, the “little sun” who brightened everyone’s world.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yiran mentioned how he first became involved with the series 3 years ago. He gradually came to understand Zhang Lurang’s insecurities and cautious nature because at the time, he was just the same. The 22-year-old actor expressed feeling nostalgic as he recalls the memories they created while filming.

Through the post, Zhou Yiran also hinted at the difficulties they had experienced. With a filming schedule that was on and off for two years, he even made a lighthearted remark saying: “I feel like I already look different by the end of filming haha,” He described what they went through: shooting for several days in an amusement park under the scorching sun and sacrificing sleep for the sake of keeping up with the filming progress. For a small web drama, filming for When I Fly Towards You actually took way longer than expected. They started on August 26, 2021, then filming was suspended somewhere along the line. Additionally, cast changes were made during filming with the second and third male leads played by different actors. Due to the obstacles, they eventually wrapped filming over a year and a half later in October 2022. And fast forward to now, their hard work definitely paid off.

More School Dramas to Watch for

Many viewers have expressed their reluctance to bid goodbye to the school drama, but they will be happy to know that the leads have upcoming projects that also explore the school romance troupe. Zhang Miaoyi will star in Exclusive Fairytale opposite Jun (Wen Junhui) of the K-pop band Seventeen. It follows the story of childhood friends who have always been competitive with each other. Ling Chao’s (Jun) the smartest, but he always felt like he’s not good enough compared to Xiao Tu (Zhang Miaoyi), who is his mother’s favorite. This has led to Ling Chao developing a sensitive and independent personality. His only friend is Xiao Tu, and he has always had a secret crush on her.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yiran fans are definitely looking forward to seeing him in yet another role. I still remember him fondly as the clingy guy who’s charming and comedic in Falling Into Your Smile. Then we see him somewhat aloof in When I Fly Towards You as a guy trying to hide his insecurities. You Are My Desire starring Sabrina Zhuang Dafei, which is another school romance, will see Zhou Yiran showing off a domineering side as the school bully in the upcoming series.

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