Where Is Li Lianhua at the End of “Mysterious Lotus Casebook”?

Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi, Joseph Zeng and Xiao Shunyao have received a lot of love as the trio of Mysterious Lotus Casebook 莲花楼. In one of the popularity rankings (智库星途), all three have made the top 10. Cheng Yi topped the list for having gained the most fans followed by Lost You Forever’s Deng Wei and Tan Jianci in second and third. Meanwhile, his co-stars land in 5th and 6th during a recent tally for the week of Aug 7-13.

The show’s come a long way since its writer lamented the challenges of even getting on the hot search. Upon its finale, Mysterious Lotus Casebook hit the milestone of 10,000 popularity points on iQIYI. Cheng Yi dancing to (G)IDLE’s Queencard in celebration has also gone viral. Datawin has already regarded Cheng Yi as an actor with three summer hits since he has 2020’s Love and Redemption, 2022’s Immortal Samsara and Mysterious Lotus Casebook this year.

Joseph Zeng Shunxi


With the show’s finale, the question on everyone’s minds has got to be about the main protagonist Li Lianhua and whether he died or not. At the very start, his fate seemed doomed due to a poison that will not only take his life but also make him go mad. At the end, Li Lianhua never manages to take the antidote, breaks his sword and jumps into the river. In the Easter Egg, Fang Duobing finds a beggar with Li Lianhua’s bag of candy that he uses whenever his poison acts up, perhaps he no longer needs it because he’s healed. The beggar says he got it from a dead person. They catch a glimpse of Li Lianhua, and it’s one of those open endings where you wonder if it’s him in the flesh or just an imagination.

Meanwhile, writer Liu Fang also shared her two cents. She said many drama fans have been asking her where Xiaohua went. She responds, “The sky is high and the sea is wide, is there anywhere Xiaohua cannot go? Of course, he can go wherever he wants. As for whether his friends can find him, it’s for everyone to answer.”

Xiao Shunyao

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