“Mysterious Lotus Casebook” Writer Laments Challenges of Getting on the Hot Search

Cheng Yi
Cheng Yi Stars in Mysterious Lotus Casebook
Cheng Yi in Mysterious Lotus Casebook

It’s no secret that landing a slot during the much coveted summer season is not an easy feat. Then there’s also the challenge of luring the  attention of fickle audiences and keeping them hooked all the way till the end. Wang Jin, producer of the female centric Be Your Own Light already lamented about the difficulties of non high traffic dramas in getting viewers to give their drama a shot. This time, it’s the crew from the drama Mysterious Lotus Casebook who are echoing their concerns. “It’s so tough!” shared show writer Liu Fang as she reposted a comment saying no matter how hotly talked about the show is, it’s quite difficult to even get on the hot search.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook currently ranks number 2 on Vlinkage rankings just a spot below Lost You Forever, so the show is actually doing pretty well. It brings a blend of mystery with Chinese-style horror theme in the kind of cases being tackled by the trio led by Cheng Yi, Joseph Zeng and Xiao Shunyao. Recent episodes have them facing off against “zombies,” showcasing the intricate fight scenes from the series.

These days, it seems so much more is needed to get yourself THE winning ticket especially with competition being so fierce. Whether its the usual draws of having a good script and popular names which hopefully drums up the right sort of buzz for a show or even bad publicity that will certainly get you on the hot search, it looks like producers might need to allocate even more funds to market it too.

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