“Be Your Own Light” Producer Says To Give the Liu Tao Helmed Drama a Shot

"Be Your Own Light" Producer Says To Give the Liu Tao Helmed Drama a Shot

Youku’s female centric drama Be Your Own Light 做自己的光 stars Tamia Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Liu Yuning and Chai Biyun. Almost at the end of its run, the series recently received a plug from state media network CCTV Entertainment which its producer Wang Jin 王锦 reposted on social media. The producer expressed his hopes that more people will get to see it because it’s truly worth watching, and not overlooked and buried under the rest of the current dramas airing. “This is a drama created with great care. Personally, I feel I’ve done justice to my profession.” He said his heart is aching and he laments the thought that only high traffic dramas can be made.

Be Your Own Light Synopsis

Central to the plot are the stories of the three women who at different stages in their lives are facing difficult challenges. Liu Tao plays He Huan who really had to step up after her seemingly perfect life – dream job, has a son and an affluent businessman husband, falls apart. With her career in pieces and saddled with a mountain of debt after her husband walks out on them without leaving a trace, He Huan puts her life back together with some help from her work besties – Qin Hai Lu’s Bai Yang and Chai Biyun’s Zhao Yuanyuan both of whom are workaholics and dedicated career women, and unexpectedly from Liu Yuning’s character Jiang Jun Hao.

Liu Yuning First Time as the Male Lead

Despite how it sounds like it’s gonna be a drama heavy plot, viewers have said that you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s actually a fun and comedic romp tackling real life issues “realistically”. There’s none of those over exaggerated reactions or camera tricks that some dramas are wont to do. And yep, expect that this is going to be a jie di lian sort of romance between Liu Tao and Liu Yuning who are 12 years apart in real life although the pair’s “meet cute” in the drama is anything but. They started off on the wrong foot when He Huan’s husband did him a lot of harm when he didn’t pay back the money he borrowed from Jiang Jun Hao.

Be Your Own Light

Speaking of, Liu Yuning is also the second lead in the currently-airing Legend of Anle, not to mention his voice can be heard in the OSTs from the dramas out this summer too. Fans of the actor will no doubt be pleased to see him in this one, which marks his first time playing the male lead.

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