Deng Wei Who’s Gaining Popularity in “Lost You Forever” Issues Apology After Being Papped Throwing Cigarette Butts on the Ground

Deng Wei Who's Gaining Popularity in "Lost You Forever" Issues Apology After Being Papped Throwing Cigarette Butts on the Ground

From The Journey of Chong Zi, Till the End of the Moon to the currently-airing Lost You Forever, Deng Wei has already appeared in three dramas this 2023. Till the End of the Moon where he plays a second lead turned out to be a hit earlier this year though it’s taken another hit in Lost You Forever for Deng Wei to have his breakout role as Ye Shiqi, aka Tushan Jing, one of female lead Yang Zi’s love interests in the fantasy romance series.

Gaining Over 1 Million Followers in 7 Days

Nowadays, the 28 year old actor is often on the hot search for his role as one of the most shippable in the drama being the gentle and protective one towards the heroine (spoiler alert in white: he’s also the endgame in the novel). Deng Wei’s already seen his Weibo followers increase by over 1 million in the past 7 days to bring the new total to 2.62 million followers. However, the actor recently took to social media with an apology. He wrote, “I’m sorry, I apologize to everyone for the bad influence my actions have had on the public. I will reflect deeply and regulate my behavior in the future!

Deng Wei smoking

While he didn’t mention what his apology was about, on July 27, a gossip blogger released a video of Deng Wei out and about with a companion while smoking. In the clip, Deng Wei stops to play with a passerby’s dog before he casually throws the cigarette butt in his hand on the ground. As his actions drew criticism, his apology was swift, coming just a day later. Many of his fans who are supportive of the actor left comments saying they acknowledge his mistake and urge him to lead by example in the future. Some say he’s popular now for paparazzi to follow him.

Past “Beef” with Yu Zheng

It can be remembered that last year, Deng Wei seems to have gotten on producer-writer Yu Zheng’s bad side when the latter said he had a negative opinion about the up-and-coming actor. There was also the airport incident where the actor was accused of acting like a “big shot” as his assistant was too stern towards those filming. Fans later explained the incident was already cleared up then saying some paid photographers were mocking him at the time. With Deng Wei’s rise in popularity, some are asking for Yu Zheng to take back his words, there’s even a hashtag saying he should apologize to Deng Wei.

Yu Zheng took to Weibo with another post saying, “For an actor to reap the rewards of a drama’s success is his good fortune, but does a successful role mean that his personality is also good?…” Yu Zheng said he was just trying to come forward as a senior to give some warning to young actors in hopes that they’ll become better but it seems it was unnecessary. He also said fans hope for their idols to be perfect and would try to find clues to prove their innocence, but no one is perfect. Yu Zheng has since hidden his post and said he will just focus on himself.

This Actor Once Assaulted Yu Zheng

Meanwhile, Netizens notice that actor Shen Tai 沈泰 who hit Yu Zheng in the past is also part of the supporting cast of Lost You Forever. He plays the antagonist who’s in a crucial scene opposite Yang Zi’s heroine as she is captured and tortured. While it happened way back in 2013, there are still clips going around online where Shen Tai can be seen walking up to Yu Zheng at a restaurant and hitting him repeatedly. Shen Tai later admitted his actions on Weibo, expressing dissatisfaction with Yu Zheng, and emphasized that he would not participate in any of Yu Zheng’s productions. On the other hand, Yu Zheng accused Shen Tai of resorting to violence due to issues with a role, and demanded an apology.

Then there’s also the fact that Yu Zheng’s hit drama drama Palace starring Yang Mi was also in competition with author Tong Hua’s hit drama Scarlet Heart starring Cecilia Liu Shishi in 2011. It’s like the controversial producer and Lost You Forever don’t have the best connection.

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