“Mysterious Lotus Casebook” Stars Cheng Yi, Joseph Zeng and Xiao Shunyao in a Wuxia Suspense

"Mystery Lotus Casebook" A Wuxia Suspense Series with Cheng Yi, Joseph Zeng and Xiao Shunyao

Cheng Yi’s Mysterious Lotus Casebook 莲花楼 is the next one after Yang Zi’s Lost You Forever to announce its premiere, and it’ll be making its way to iQIYI on July 23. Both shows have been predicted to air this summer, so the announcement has long been expected. Incidentally, both starred together last year in Immortal Samsara.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook reunites Cheng Yi with Immortal Samsara director Guo Hu who co-directs with Ren Haitao. Cheng Yi plays Li Xiangyi, a leader of the Sigu Sect who is unparalleled in swordsmanship. However, he retreats from the martial arts world to become a wandering doctor named Li Lianhua. Joseph Zeng Shunxi plays Fang Duobing, a young ill-ridden lad whose name Duobing literally means “many sickness.” Xiao Shunyao plays Di Feisheng, the leader of Jinyuan League who has always regarded Xiangyi to be a formidable rival. It also stars Till the End of the Moon’s Chen Duling, Rain Wang Herun and Estelle Chen Yihan.

With sects and leagues, Mysterious Lotus Casebook certainly has the makings of a wuxia series imbued with mystery like the title suggests. It’s yet another addition to the dramas already airing this July, which seems to have something to offer for everyone with its mix of genres.

Cheng Yi
Joseph Zeng Shunxi
Xiao Shunyao
Chen Duling

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