These Supporting Actors in “Lin Jiang Xian” Look Like They Crossed Over from “The Double”

These Supporting Actors in "Lin Jiang Xian" Look Like They Crossed Over from "The Double"

Producer Yu Zheng has now turned his attention to his currently filming drama, Lin Jiang Xian (临江仙), after The Double‘s very successful run. Lin Jiang Xian has generated a lot of buzz from the very start, especially with its cast of Bai Lu and Joseph Zeng Shunxi, who both have a significant fan base. This is also Yu Zheng’s first xianxia, and he has been confidently promoting it as a guaranteed hit. The drama includes The Double‘s head writer Ren Yanan as one of the screenwriters. And that’s not the only connection.

Zhao Qing, Chen Xinhai and Liang Yongqi
Zhao Qing, Chen Xinhai and Liang Yongqi

Yu Zheng recently shared new character stills from Lin Jiang Xian. He reveals that not only the writer but also a number of folks from The Double are in the cast. He said, “Looking at their costumes, can you recognize him/her? Their identities will change significantly! With a strong plot, numerous twists, and an extremely satisfying yet heart-wrenching new type of xianxia series, #Lin Jiang Xian临江仙# is absolutely worth your investment. Quickly head to iQIYI to reserve your spot!” He’s definitely promoting all out, but the plot is still a mystery. Yu Zheng has said it’s very hard to describe. He mentioned that the male lead is like Goblin, and the female lead’s role is something never seen before.

Concubine Li, Grandpa Xiao, evil guy

Among the supporting cast, there are nine actors from The Double. For one thing, Zhao Qing, the “poison expert” in The Double appears to be a friend of Bai Lu’s character in Lin Jiang Xian since they are seen together in one of the stills. Some fans commented how it seems that aside from the leads, Yu Zheng recycles the same cast for his dramas, from Scent of Time to the upcoming Perfect Match and now Lin Jiang Xian. Yu Zheng responded this isn’t the case and that casting is based on suitability. It’s particularly intriguing to see Liang Yongqi, who played the despicable Shen Yurong, presumably playing a god with his flowing robes and a headpiece—could he be playing a good character this time?

Duke Heng's guard, heroine's uncle, Minister Li

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