The Double: Cast, Synopsis and Premiere Date

The Double: Cast, Synopsis and Premiere Date

Another Yu Zheng produced drama is headed our way as historical drama The Double 墨雨云间 has confirmed its June 2, 2024 release date on Youku. The series puts together Wu Jinyan with Wang Xingyue for a first time pairing that appears to be well matched visually despite their 12 year age difference. Funnily enough, Netizens have taken to jokingly describing him as “professional” when it comes to couple pairings with older actresses since he’s frequently paired with them. His recent dramas alone had the 22-year-old coupled up with Bai Lu who’s 29 in Story of Kunning Palace and Zhou Ye who’s 26 in The Scent of Time.

Casting Lineup

Meanwhile, we’ve only seen Wu Jinyan in a handful dramas in recent years so it’s nice to see her flexing her acting chops with a much darker theme this time. She set the bar pretty high when she played Wei Yingluo in the megahit series Story of Yanxi Palace so I’m sure her performance in this one will be just as good or even better. Nonetheless, she must surely be feeling the pressure for her upcoming drama to deliver.

She is joined many of her fellow artists under Yu Zheng’s agency with her two leading men – Wang Xingyue and Chen Xinhai. Rounding up the “cast” is newcomer Liang Yongqi along with the notable Joe Chen as the ruthless Ji Shuran, mistress of the Jiang family, Su Ke as the fierce head of the Jiang family, Liu Xiening as the Jiang daughter, and Vivien Li Meng as Princess Wanning.

You’ll recognise many familiar faces making special appearances from Zhang Yuqi who appears dressed in men’s clothing as Wulan, Yang Chaoyue as Jiang Li, veteran Hong Kong stars Leanne Liu and Kent Tong as well as Viva Ho and Wang Zirui. The list goes on with names like Gala Zhang Yao, Yu Rongguang, Dong Xuan, Wu Jiayi, Snow Kong, Gu Jiacheng and Ai Mi.

Joe Chen

Joe Chen Plays a Villain

Joe Chen looks absolutely diabolical in the trailer, and if there was any doubt, she is indeed the villain. This situation kind of reminds me of how Hong Kong star Charmaine Sheh, known for her female lead roles, played a key antagonist in Story of Yanxi Palace. In The Double, Yu Zheng has brought in Taiwanese actress Joe Chen, who’s known for a slew of hit dramas like Fated to Love You and The Prince Who Turns into a Frog. The 45-year-old star is taking on a villainous role, which is a departure from her usual characters. She appears as a complex figure who is calculating and vengeful. She plays the role of the heroine’s “evil stepmother,” which should showcase a different side of her acting skills.

The DOuble

The Double Synopsis Features a Revenge Rebirth Story

Xue Fangfei (Wu Jinyan) is the daughter of a wealthy country magistrate. Life treated her well until a lover’s betrayal cost her everything. After being rescued by Jiang Li (Yang Chaoyue), she returns to the capital with the help of the Duke of Su, Xiao Heng (Wang Xingyue), she goes in search of the truth to save her father.

The Double is labeled as a historical romance, but even so, the opening bits should give you an inkling that this is not your average romance with the darker vibes it’s giving off.  Revenge and justice appear to be big themes at play here with a hefty dose of suspense sprinkled in especially when the heroine finds herself being buried alive as her betrayer looks on. Meanwhile, her savior Jiang Li is tortured and ostracised for being a “mother and brother killer”. Xue Fangfei is “reborn” with her new identity in the Jiang family and vows to make everyone who caused their suffering pay. “Heaven is unfair, so I will personally seek justice for us,” she says.

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