“Story of Kunning Palace” Finale, Cast Reunion, Ratings, All in a Day’s Work

Bai Lu

2023 is shaping up to be a great year for Bai Lu. Three of her dramas: Till the End of the Moon, Only for Love and Story of Kunning Palace are out in the market this year. Then, 29-year-old actress also nabbed the “Goddess of the Year 2023” award in this weekend’s iQIYI Scream Night, where the show also won an award in. The awards ceremony also saw Bai Lu hamming it up behind the scenes with her Kunning Palace castmates.. which reminds me, the drama’s finale literally dropped the same day.

**Spoilers Ahead

Story of Kunning Palace cast at the iQIYI Scream Night awards ceremony
photo: Bailu / Weibo

The drama is certainly a winner as it has already hit 10,100 in iQIYI’s heat index just after the finale. It has also continued climbing to break 10,300, which is no easy feat. Douban score has opened at 6.9 though some feel it deserves to be higher given the show’s success. Needless to say, Story of Kunning Palace has been topping different online ratings charts. As for Xie Wei, Zhang Zhe and Yan Lin, which of the three male protagonists emerges as the “winner” in all this?

And the “Winner” Is …

Zhang Linghe

Well, in their second life, Yan Lin and Jiang Xuening who started as friends and him wanting to be more than that end up as friends. After successfully overthrowing the emperor, he didn’t pursue power and chose to go to the border. Meanwhile, the memory of his mother’s death at Jiang Xuening’s hands in their past life was simply too much to overcome. So in the end, Zhang Zhe too didn’t end up with Jiang Xuening.

Wang Xingyue

It was Xie Wei who did indeed got the girl and the Xue family got their just desserts too. His father Xue Yuan was killed, Xue Shu given poisoned wine whilst the rest of the family exiled to far off Hangzhou never to be seen again in the capital. Meanwhile, Xie Wei and Jiang Xuening marry and retire to live a simpler life in the woods. They end up having twins – a boy and a girl named Xie Tian and Xie Yun. Of course, Yan Lin, Zhang Zhe and the Princess drop by to visit every so often. In real life, the ending is just as happy as Bai Lu’s “writer” who’s behind the novel meets a man who looks just like Xie Wei.

Liu Xiening

The Story of Kunning Palace is adapted from the web novel “Kunning” written by Shi Jing. It stars Bai Lu as Zhang Xuening, Zhang Linghe as Xie Wei, Wang Xingyue as Zhang Zhe, Zhou Junwei as Yan Lin and Liu Xiening as Princess Le Yang. It’s worth noting here that Zhou Junwei has been noticeably absent from promos this year. It is said that he’s the reason why the show had its premiere cancelled previously. His social media account was also “banned” for some time in China after posting a white A4 paper back in 2022 that’s viewed as a symbol of protest.

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