“Only for Love” Confirms Premiere Date

"Only for Love" Confirms Premiere Date as It Makes Its Way to Primetime

After Only for Love 以爱为营 trended over so many supposed dates about when it’ll drop, at least the speculations that it will air within the week finally turned out to be true! The rom-com starring Bai Lu and Dylan Wang has announced its premiere on November 3. It will first air at 8PM on Mango TV before a television premiere on November 5 10pm at Hunan TV.

Bai Lu stars as a driven reporter, Zheng Shu Yi, who will do everything she can to land an interview with Dylan Wang’s hotshot CEO Shi Yan. Let’s just say domineering is no doubt the actor’s forte. He happens to also be on the lookout for startups to invest in. A mixup ensues causing their paths to cross again. Hoping that more people would know about startups, he agrees to let her write a series of reports.

As far as C-dramas go, it actually hasn’t been a “long” wait to see this air. Four months of filming wrapped by the end of March this year. The leads are joined by a number of familiar faces such as Miles Wei Zheming, Liu Dongqin and Jiang Peiyao. Ther’s also a long list of special stars that include Nie Yuan, Zeng Li, Zhou Keyu, Kong Lianshun, Lyu Chengyu and An Yuexi. David Wang Yaoqing, Dong Xuan, Tu Zhiying, Lu Zhaohua and Liu Xiening make special appearances.

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