“Scent of Time” Needs a Proper Finale for Zhou Ye’s Heroine and Her Leading Men

"Scent of Time" Needs a Proper Finale for Zhou Ye's Heroine and Her Leading Men

Scent of Time 为有暗香来 starring Zhou Ye opposite Wang Xingyue, Peng Chuyue and Zhang Yijie as her three leading men recently ushered its finale. It’s yet another historical from the 25-year-old actress who whose first drama was a supporting role in 2021’s Word of Honor. Say what you will about the show, but it’s certainly won over some fans with its theme about a resilient heroine who gets a chance to do over her life after a tragic turn of events . [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Netizens Demand a Satisfying Ending

Many hoped for a happy ending, but it appears the finale leaves much to be desired and even had Yu Zheng trending since his company Huanyu Film produced the show. “Scent of Time Open Ending” and “Yu Zheng owes a satisfying ending” were some of the hashtags that night. The 30th episode opens with Zhou Ye’s Hua Qian at the brink of death. Wang Xingyue’s Zhong Xiwu manages to save her. When she finally wakes up, she realizes that everything that happened after her “rebirth” was just a dream! The shock leaves her unconscious once more allowing her to dream about Zhang Yijie’s Hua Rongzhou to say a proper farewell. She tells him, “Everyone around me is from the past and you are the only exception. No one has ever truly loved me, except for you who never left my side. Now I have to go to that hopeless world, that is what I should bear.” We don’t actually see her wake up but she calls out to Zhong Xiwu who turns to her and smiles.

Many were disappointed because Yu Zheng previously hinted that he hates open endings. He also said he likes one to one, which means the heroine will have one person she ends up with. Furthermore, he commented, “how boring that would be” to someone who asked if it’s really just a dream. As it turns out, it’s really is just a dream! He later explained that it’s 1V1 since the heroine chose to wake up and be with Zhong Xiwu. He also said he’ll let Wang Xingyue and Zhou Ye act in another project that’s super sweet next time, but some say they no longer believe his words.

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