“Lin Jiang Xian” Posters of Bai Lu with Joseph Zeng Bashed for Being “Ugly”

Yu Zheng
"Lin Jiang Xian" Posters Bashed for Being "Ugly"

Posters for Yu Zheng’s upcoming xianxia series Lin Jiang Xian 临江仙 are out. In his many social media posts, the producer has been all praises for his most recent project. From the poster design and the script, to the makeup and graphics, he said he was very satisfied, giving it a score of 100%. Yet for all his efforts to hype up the series, some appear to be underwhelmed by the just released posters featuring Bai Lu adorned in red robes, gracefully flowing, and co-star Joseph Zeng Shunxi standing across with his hair white as snow.

Perhaps he’d overhyped it a little?

Many fans questioned the poster’s overall design aesthetics, complaining there’s a lot that can still be improved and that it doesn’t do justice to the visuals of its two leads. Although honestly, it’s looking like they also went a little heavy handed in bumping up the brightness coz it looks overexposed. Then they juxtaposed together a larger image of Bai Lu and Joseph Zeng’s characters against a smaller image of the other. It’s the sizing for me that’s looking a bit off, particularly the one with Bai Lu holding up a sword that’s practically against Joseph Zeng’s nose! What do you guys think?

His Favorite Artist

When Yu Zheng first announced the launch of the drama in a boot ceremony on April 8, the producer even referred to it as “my favourite story paired with my favourite actor”. It’s common knowledge that Bai Lu is an artist under Yu Zheng’s agency, Huanyu Film. Even though he’d publicly sing her praises, many of her fans feel he’s doing more harm than good.

In Lin Jiang Xian’s case, he even goes so far as to compare Joseph’s character with Gong Yoo’s in the critically acclaimed South Korean hit Goblin. In fact, he even claimed “the first third of the drama is more exciting than Goblin, and the middle third bit better than the kdrama The Glory. As for the female lead, it’s a character that’s “never been done before with countless twists,” said the producer.

Lin Jiang Xian narrates story of Li Qingyue, a Four Spirit immortal and Dacheng Master Bai Jiusi whose love story began with a love hate relationship and who later got their second chance. While there are skeptics and concerns about the show’s styling and aesthetics at its filming stage, only time will tell how the show will ultimately fare.

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