Moonlight Mystique: A First Glimpse into Another Fantasy Romance Series

Moonlight Mystique 白月梵星 has unveiled its first trailer, released just a day after filming wrapped. This new fantasy series promises a blend of intrigue, comedy, and romance. Interestingly, the Chinese title “Bai Yue Fan Xing” also derives from the main characters’ names, Bai Shuo and Fan Yue, portrayed by Bai Lu and Ao Ruipeng, adding an extra layer of poetic significance.

Dubbing Their Own Voice

Bai Lu’s consistency in both modern dramas and historicals always leaves audiences eager for more, and Moonlight Mystique appears to be no exception, boasting exquisite costumes and captivating visuals. The 29-year-old actress once again does her own voice dubbing, a skill that many find to have further improved since her performance in Story of Kunning Palace. This adds an extra layer of authenticity to her character, Bai Shuo, who is not only the protagonist but also the titular character from the novel upon which the drama is based. Likewise, Ao Ruipeng who’s a Chonqing native also saw an improvement as he also dubbed his own character’s dialogue.

Anticipated Pairings and Familiar Faces

Moonlight Mystique behind the scenes

Aside from Bai Lu, who takes top billing in the cast, the rest of the ensemble comprises familiar faces. Lead actor Ao Ruipeng is particularly striking as the Demon King, exuding a seriously handsome aura. While there’s no denying the 28-year-old actor’s natural charm, it’s worth noting that hair and makeup can truly make all the difference, as some viewers criticized his appearance in his last drama, Wrong Carriage, Right Groom. Nevertheless, fans of recent hits like Lost You Forever and A Journey to Love will undoubtedly be thrilled to see Dai Luwa and Chang Huasen among the cast. Other stars making special appearances include Han Dong, Dai Si, veteran Hong Kong actor Keng Tong and Liu Lingzi.

A Comedic Twist

Bai Lu Ao Rui Peng

The trailer for Moonlight Mystique opens with Bai Shuo (played by Bai Lu) diligently presenting treasures to the master of the tower (played by Ao Ruipeng). She is the daughter of a general whose engaged in immortal cultivation since youth. Meanwhile, Fan Yue, the demon king, is showed displaying an air of superiority and arrogance towards humans. Bai Shuo fearlessly asserts herself, saying that he seems “mad” enough and suits her well. She goes on to declare him as her lover. The comedic elements are further heightened when Bai Shuo’s father(?) mistakes Fan Yue for a male companion. In a genre brimming with tales of human-demon dynamics, this looks like it could be a fun watch. Too bad filming just wrapped so it will probably take some time for post-production and all that before we can look forward to a premiere date.


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