“Xiao Yao” Brings Together Tan Songyun and Neo Hou in a Story About Humans and Demons

Happy Lantern Festival! Xiao Yao 逍遥 just held a booting ceremony today, February 24, along with festive posters of its leads Seven Tan Songyun and Neo Hou Minghao to celebrate the occasion. It’s yet another fantasy series in a world about human and demons where both tribes are compelled by their desires in a relentless pursuit of the elusive Yuli.

This marks the first collaboration between the two stars. While she’s done historicals before, it’s the 33-year-old actress’s first xuanhuan series albeit a familiar role as she’ll embody the mischievous yet resourceful titular heroine Xiaoyao. The Back from the Brink actor plays a powerful being once more all clad in black. This time, he’s Hongye, the king of demons who is feared by the human race.

XIao Yao boasts the expertise of The Knockout production team as it is another one from iQIYI and Liu Bai Entertainment and director Xu Jizhou a the helm. While it’s in a different genre altogether, it’s definitely promising considering how big a hit the crime series turned out to be.

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