This Actress in “The Double” Had Her Face Replaced via AI Technology

"This Actress in "The Double" Had Her Face Replaced via AI Technology
Jiang Yiyi (Left) and Zhao Qing (Right)

The Double,” starring Wu Jinyan from “Story of Yanxi Palace,” has emerged as a dark horse in C-dramaland, gaining popularity following the conclusion of “Joy of Life 2.” Despite the show garnering significant attention, some viewers may not have noticed that the actress originally portraying the role of the “poison doctor,” Situ Jiuye, was replaced via AI technology.

Zhao Qing currently portrays Situ Jiuyue, a formidable doctor exuding a dark aura and skilled in the use of poison. The 23-year-old star is known for being rumored to be romantically involved with Xu Kai as a rookie and is being promoted nowadays by Yu Zheng as one of his artists under Huanyu. While close-up shots in the drama show Zhao Qing, netizens have observed that in distant shots, it is still apparent that the character was originally portrayed by another actress, former child star Jiang Yiyi. Many speculate that Jiang Yiyi was replaced due to her tax evasion controversy, which is why her scenes were replaced with AI technology while Zhao Qing appears to have also reshot certain scenes.

The practice of replacing actors, especially those with potential risks, is becoming more common in the Chinese entertainment industry. However, some netizens argue that Jiang Yiyi’s case is a thing of the past and has not hindered the actress’s career. After all, she has continued to participate in various activities, and her variety shows are airing normally. Therefore, some question the decision to replace her.

Source: Weibo

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